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Samuel has truly been around the globe, from the Wadi Rum Desert to St Tropez to Rwanda, in the last four years alone he has worked for some of the world's leading brands and world class athletes, actors and models. With a fervent passion to master any skill he sets his hands to, if you can't find him on set, you'll probably find him outdoors somewhere, surfing, skiing or putting his fitness to the test.

Samuel's invariably competent skillset has led him to establish a career in directing social-first content, commercials and documentaries. In 2019, Samuel founded Atlas, a production company born from his flourishing portfolio and his dream to stand alongside the world's greatest storytellers. Fundamentally, Samuel loves telling intimate stories that resonate on an epic scale, his style would be summarised as cinematic, inspirational and uplifting. 

Samuel Davies

Founder of Atlas Film Co.

Filmmaker | Director

Camera Operator / Movi Operator

CAA Licenced Drone Pilot


Motion Graphics Designer

Skiier | Surfer | Triathlete

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